Gender Sensitisation Training

Gender Sensitisation Training

The Gender Sensitisation training is an initiative undertaken by FWRM to build the capacities of organisations and networks to understand gender differences and take an approach that is responsive to gender differences and relations between genders.

The activities and exercises are designed and delivered in a way to encourage employees to reflect on their personal experiences and observations of gender at home, the workplace and in society. The training is adapted for the Fijian context and through increased knowledge, tools and skills, employees can work towards building a gender sensitised workplace and enhance gender equality.

Why is this training important for organizations?

Research and practice has shown that when employees and organisations are gender sensitised, they accelerate progress towards gender equality, create a positive working environment, improve productivity and performance which not only benefits the organization but also extends to the wider range of people and partners the organization works with.

Key Topics

  • What is gender and how is it different from sex; and other related terminologies
  • Gender norms, roles, biasness and stereotypes and how they impact organisational work culture
  • Gender inequality, violence and discrimination and how they affect productivity and employee health and well-being
  • Enabling a gender responsive workplace culture and practice.
  • Enhancing gender equality through gender responsive programmes, organaisational operations, policies and procceses.
  • Other topics as requested

Target audience

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Contract Workers
  • Volunteers

 Who to Contact

FWRM can design and implement a tailor-made Gender Sensitisation Training to meet the desired outcomes. Please send your Expression of Interest to and all enquiries regarding training cost and any other information needed.

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