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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji

Balancing the Scales: Improving Fijian Women's Access to Justice


The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is a multiethnic and multicultural non-governmental organisation focused on legislative reform to remove all forms of discrimination against women and promote women’s human rights. For 32 years, FWRM has raised awareness on barriers women face, including accessing justice. In 1991, FWRM embarked on a campaign that spanned 12 years through 3 different governments to remove discriminating aspects of legislation and legal practices that hindered women’s access to justice. After years of campaigning that lasted through Fiji’s turbulent political landscape, FWRM achieved a milestone with the Family Law Bill becoming law. Over 10 years after the Family Law Act 2005 came into force, FWRM launched a revised series of Family Law Act brochures. In 2015, FWRM carried out a scoping study to look at barriers faced by women when accessing the formal justice system and the findings were utilised to propose a research. The Balancing the Scales Improving Fijian Women’s Access to Justice research project was primarily funded by the European Union and supported by UN Women Fiji Multi-Country Officer (MCO). The ground-breaking research was launched in November 2017. FWRM utilised the findings of this project to raise awareness on the barriers that still exist for women’s access to justice.

Research Resources

Annual Rape Case Analysis

FWRM to conduct annual rape case analysis as part of our ongoing research and advocacy on strengthening Fijian women’s access to justice.



Access to Justice

Fiji Courts

Fiji Police Force

Legal Aid Commission

Director Public Prosecutions

Island Court


Social media

  1. Highlight barriers faced by women and girls in accessing justice
  2. Share key findings from FWRM’s research
  3. Raise awareness on justice sector pathways for women and girls

Use the handles: #A2JFiji #AccesstoJusticeFiji #BalancingtheScales