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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji

Gender Equality Campaign

For over 35 years, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement has been one of the leading voices and advocates for gender equality and women’s human rights. Legislative lobbying and reform is a significant part of FWRM’s work that has seen many milestones over the years. A major achievement was the enactment of the Family Law Act 2005 and FWRM’s campaign around women’s economic rights that led to amendments in the Employment Regulations Act 2007 which improved protection for women.

While there are progressive laws in place, FWRM recognised that there needs to be a more holistic approach to better address gender inequality because of the entrenched patriarchy and systematic barriers that exist within different levels of society. In the last two years, FWRM released studies and research reports that highlighted the continued prevalence of violence and discrimination that women face today at different stages of their life cycle. This includes sexual harassment in the workplace, barriers to women’s access to justice, women’s ageing issues and young women's political participation. The findings highlight a need for a change in mindsets and attitudes towards women. Ideas on women’s gender roles contribute to their perceived inferiority and reinforces the structural barriers and discrimination they face daily.

To raise awareness on these issues, FWRM carried out a Gender Equality Campaign focusing on four key areas including; women in leadership, women and unpaid household work, women in sports and women in employment.

As part of this campaign, FWRM produced a series of four gender advertisements on these issues which were broadcasted on national television and radio. We hope that the nation-wide gender advertisement campaign can help engage a wider range of public into the discussions on the everyday inequalities women face in today’s society particularly in reference to key gender issues. 

In 2022 the advertisments were updated and ran in the various media outlets both in print and television and shared on FWRM's social media platforms.

The campaign is supported by the We Rise Coalition.

#Balancingthescales #GenderEqualityNow #WeRiseCoalition

After the 2018 elections, women made up only 19% of members of Parliament. In 2020, women comprised only 21% of 192 government-controlled boards. Women are not equally represented in leadership spaces although decisions made by our leaders affect us all.


To promote gender equality, we need to address unpaid care work. Women and girls do 70% household work which makes up the same amount of time as paid work in our economy. It is not properly recognised. Women and girls have less time to engage in other activities and interests.