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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji


FWRM is committed to removing discrimination against women through institutional reforms and attitudinal changes, by means of core programmes as well as innovative approaches.

The two main programmes below encompass the work of the organisation as teams work under various thematic areas relating to their own projects. These thematic areas sometimes cross-cut throughout the pillars of work depending on the type of work undertaken. For example, research undertaken by the GTJ programme team on reproductive health when the thematic area of Women and Girls'Health is mainly tagged under the IWLP team for its work on Menstrual Health. 

Gender and Transitional Justice Programme

 The Gender and Transitional Justice Programme (GTJ) encompasses much of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movements (FWRM) work towards enhanced recognition of democracy, rule of law and human rights principles, particularly women’s human rights, among rights-holders and duty bearers.

The GTJ programme team focuses on the following thematic areas:

Intergenerational Women's Leadership Programme

FWRM believes that a cornerstone of women’s leadership is inter-generational learning. By facilitating opportunities where women leaders share their knowledge and skills with young women, FWRM contributes to a vibrant alliance of leaders throughout Fiji and region.

The IWLP programme team focuses on the following thematic areas of work: