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  • CONSULTANCY: Young Women in Leadership Programme Development - Emerging Leaders Forum Toolkit


    Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is seeking a Consultant to work in consultation with a working group to develop a Young Women in Leadership Toolkit.


    1. Act as a flexible live reservoir of resource, which will initially serve as an internal document for further enriching the skills and expertise of the presenters, facilitators and coordinators of the Young Women in Leadership Program.

    2. Improve the quality of the content delivered during Emerging Leaders Forum.

    3. Further diversify approaches and methodologies for the Program by adopting holistic, participatory and integrated approaches to learning(s) including the collection, use and production of digital tools and resources.

    4. Generate content and methodologies that fill existing gaps in current Leadership Programs.

    5. Serve as a resource material for other FWRM programs, awareness campaigns and training.

    6. Embodies a flexible, participant centered design that is geared towards holistic learning.

    Toolkit Content:

    The toolkit would be a Fiji/Pacific focussed holistic live document integrating feminist facts and participatory methods for stimulating analysis and understanding of the issues. The tool kit will focus on integrating the following four components identified in the previous Tracking Studies, M&E and the recent Needs Assessment Survey:

    • Feminist Knowledge

    • Advocacy

    • Personal Development

    • Leadership Skills

    The above four components will be integrated to cover feminist issues including but not limited to; Gender and Power Relations, Feminism, LGBTI, Human Rights and Women’s Rights, Mental Health, Harassment and Violence against Women, Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights and Advancing Women’s Leadership, Media and Technology, Digital Bullying, Rural and Disabled Women, Culture and Religion, etc.

    In addition to that, for institutional memory and necessary standardization of certain programmatic aspects, the tool kit will also provide suggestions for ground rules, participant confidentiality agreement, participant selection criteria, and accountability mechanisms.


    A small volunteer working group (probably 4 or 5 at most) would work closely with the consultant and FWRM staff to help shape and guide the toolkit. The purpose of the working group is to share ideas, and identification of resources and be involved with the overall development of the kit. [NOTE: This work does NOT include the implementation or program direction of the Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF)].

    Key Deliverables

    The Consultant is expected to:

    • Work together with the working group to review needs, collect materials and find ways to fill gaps identified.

    • Identify the scope to create new materials particularly those suitable for social media, for example, podcasts or social media campaigns.

    • Follow-up leads provided by staff and the working group.

    • Schedule and plan meetings (online and face to face) with the working group for ongoing consultation.

    • Act as a focal point for the working group collaboration.

    • Design overall instructional design for the Toolkit.

    • Collate the resources and information obtained from consultation with the working group and synthesise it in form of a live toolkit.

    • Be available for a weekend workshop to review and edit materials either in last week of January or early February in 2018.

    Ethical Standards

    • Systematic Inquiry: Conduct systematic, database inquiries about whatever is being researched.

    • Competence: Provide competent performance to stakeholders.

    • Integrity/Honesty: Ensure the honesty and integrity of the entire process.

    • Respect for People: Respect the security, dignity and self-worth of the respondents, program participants, clients and other stakeholders with whom they interact particularly minority groups.

    • Responsibilities for general and public Welfare: Articulate and take into account the diversity of interests and values that may be related to general and public welfare.

    Consultancy Requirements

    The Toolkit will be complied by one consultant, with support from the working group and FYWF secretariat. The individual should possess the following essential skills and experience:

    • The consultant is expected to demonstrate a track record of no less than five (5) years executing similar undertakings.

    • The consultant is expected to have a high level of knowledge and experience in creating toolkits for participatory methods and in developing practical manuals.

    • Practical experience and Proven knowledge and experience women’s civil and political empowerment programs including active engagement in local and regional policy and programming.

    • Previous experience in participation and facilitation of training in the area of women’s rights and issues.

    • Experience in translating complex ideas into clear simple frameworks.

    • Knowledge and Skills in possessing monitoring and evaluation tools.

    • Excellent research and writing skills as evidenced by significant high quality research outputs and/or advanced tertiary education (with thesis or publication).

    Methodology and Timeline

    Duration: 40 days

    Period: December 2017-April 2018

    Location: FWRM Office, Suva Fiji

    Main Purpose: To develop and finalize the content and methodologies of the toolkit

    Contract Management

    Kaushal Sharma

    Fiji Women’s Rights Movement

    Program Director


    Based in Suva, Fiji Islands


    Consultant has 4 months to prepare and submit the deliverables as per the Terms of Reference


    December 2017


    April 2018


    The consultant shall receive remuneration of FJD$25,200 for 40 days of which FJD$23,940 is the net income after deduction of (5%) of the contractor’s provisional tax amounting to FJD$1,260 which is payable to the Fiji Revenue Customs Authority under the Fiji Income Tax rules.

    The consultant fee is payable as follows:

    a) 25% payment of FJD$5,985 will be provided upon the signing of the contract

    b) 25% payment of FJD$5,985 will be provided upon the 1st draft of the toolkit

    c) 25% payment of FJD$5,985 will be provided upon the 2nd draft of the toolkit

    d) 25% 25% payment of FJD$5,985 will be provided upon the final submission of the toolkit

    The consultant will need to provide a Tax Identification Number (TIN) card/letter upon the successful application.

    Expressions of Interest

    The Expression of Interest should be submitted with the following:

    • Curriculum Vitae

    • Please provide a sample of previous work you have done in the past and a sample of a Module/Toolkit.

    The due date of the Expression of Interest is 13th December 2017, 5pm Fiji Time.

    Only successful candidates will be contacted.

    Submissions should be sent to:

    Mamta Chand

    Young Women’s Programme Officer

    Intergenerational Women’s’ Leadership Programme

    Subject: EOI Young Women in Leadership Programme Development


    REPORTING TO: Team Leader- Gender and Transitional Justice

    PURPOSE OF THE JOB: The Research Officer is responsible for the conduct of research on women’s human rights issues in Fiji.


    Specific Objectives

    • To carry out research through data collection, interviews, desk reviews etc on a variety of research projects on women’s human rights in Fiji.


    • Gather information on current legal and constitutional protection of women and girls in Fiji.

    • Provide an analysis of the legal protection for women and girls based on guidelines to be provided by the management.

    • Identify key issues, weaknesses and gaps in legal protection and make recommendations on best practices and lessons to be learnt and implemented.


    • Maintain copies of legislation, policy documents, judicial cases, and other material relevant to the legal protection of women and girls in Fiji.

    • Assist in the establishment of a database by identifying and accessing relevant material from various sources as requested.

    • Accurately record information on computer databases.

    • Involved in data analysis, proposal writing and questionnaire design.

    • Involved in working closely with other staff members and keeping hands-on with their research projects.

    • Designing and developing research questionnaires and policy.

    • Compiling information from a wide variety of sources and then interpreting and presenting this.

    • Accurately monitoring, investigating and analyzing all statistical information.


    • Professionally presenting information, reports and recommendations to a variety of audiences.

    • Collating and analysing quality statistical data.

    • Investigating and documenting key data and information at the request of management.


    • Prepare FWRM organisational policy papers

    • Provide monthly narrative and financial reports on the progress of your activities.


    • Networking with other research NGO’s, government and private sector organisations in Fiji and internationally.

    • Carry out various activities related to FWRM membership, staff functions and the organisation in general.

     Any other duties as directed.


    Key Interactions – Internal

     FWRM Staff.

    Key Interactions - External

     Women and people in general.

     Non-governmental organisation.

     Funding agencies.

     Individual donors.

    Individuals/Groups – youth groups, schools and unions.



    A Degree in Law or relevant tertiary level education.


    At least 3 years of work experience. A highly developed understanding of human rights, feminist values, etc.

    Skills, Knowledge and Competencies:

     High level computer skills including competence in word processing, excel spreadsheet, email and internet usage.

     Strong verbal and written communication skills, including report writing, graphical representation and high level document preparation skills.

     Demonstrated project management skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

     Ability to work in a small team environment and within a community development framework.

     Time management and task prioritisation skills.

     Flexibility, responsiveness and resilience.

    Salary range:

    FJ$20, 000 – FJ$40,000 - ¬¬dependent on academic qualification and work experience.

    Applicants must submit a result oriented CV with contact details for three referees and a statement of interest no later than January 7, 2018. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Previous applicants need not apply.

    Fiji Women’s Rights Movement,

    P.O Box 14194, Suva

    OR email: